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Guiding principles for our co-op. As and when they come to us. Currently in a state of constant churn.


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Ethical anti-design, or designing products that people can't get addicted to.

I just played through a Cup on Mario Kart 64. When the credits finished playing with a final screen:


None of the buttons on my controller did anything. All that was left was to either turn the console off or press the reset button. With no indication of this whatsoever.

As a child, when this would happen to me, I would usually go outside and play with the other neighborhood kids. Probably brag about how I beat Mario and it was great revenge for all the times he sacrificed me for a double jump.

Of course I'm Yoshi. When you have to be a human every other day of your life, be a dinosaur when you can, you're nine!

I digress. They could have chosen to give me a countdown timer to the next match,

"Sorry Mom, the game already started, I can't come to dinner yet!"

but they intentionally did not.

This pattern of respect is exhibited throughout the game.

Source: Toot by @tychi on SmallCamp


Not just in the ability to self-host anywhere you want, but also being able to offer a pay-what-you-want or regional pricing for managed hosting.

Demystify open tech/internet.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." - We're here to teach magic and make technology more accessible.

Fun marketing pages.

This could be resources or static, fun "marketing" pages for concepts like ActivityPub, WebDAV, CalDAV; and products like Mastodon,, Site.js etc.

Easy to use / intuitive.

For FOSS products that offer APIs, explore making front-end UIs that offer a polished UX.